Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Nautilus stands inspection, Part 2

I found another body shop locally that is willing to help me with various issues on the Nautilus.  It turns out that SVE Auto Body is overwhelmed with insurance work these days, and The Ranch is no longer an option because the owner is seriously ill, which saddens me greatly.  Joe at SVE referred me to another shop in Northglenn and the owner, Al, stopped by our home to take a look at what I have.  Long story short, he was both impressed and intrigued by the Nautilus.  I asked him to fix the fit of the hood, for starters.  As a secondary consideration, I asked him if he could fit the sun roof clip.  He told me the hood is no big deal, and that he could fit the sun roof clip in one of three ways.  He left, telling me he'd get back to me later in the week with quotes for each job.  I held my breath, and braced myself for disappointment...because this is the point where I get ditched, or let down by false promises...

Despite my concerns, Al responded in 3 days with quotes for each job.  I thought it over for a day and agreed.  I have 4 hoods for the craft, and delivered 3 of them to his shop in my 4Runner.  I told him which hood was the original, and which hood I really wanted him to use.  He took it from there and tweaked up the painted hood within 4 days.  And he's a busy shop!  I picked up the painted hood yesterday, mounted it on the Nautilus with the newly available hood rubber from ISP West, and pictured here are the results.  Without having the craft in his shop, he got the fit to within 95%.  I could live with it, but in speaking with Al he told me he could easily tweak it more.  I'm stoked!  Oh--and total cost for this work, so far?  NOTHING.  He was just happy to help give me a little shove to get the project done the way I want it.  How about that!

Al is bringing his car hauler over next Saturday and the Nautilus is going on a little trip down to his  Commerce City shop to finalize the hood refinish and clean up some other small issues that remain on the main body of the car.  Do I DARE HOPE that the sun roof clip will also be installed?

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