Sunday, May 8, 2016

Special Type 34 Parts, Part 2 - Turn Signal Lever

I sold two of these Type 34 turn signal levers this past week, but I thought I'd post a couple of pictures and add a few words about their specialness.  I've previously referred to this part in another blog post here.  If you don't have one for your Type 34--or, possibly break one unexpectedly, then you eventually discover how difficult sourcing a replacement can be.  Some folks install a regular Type 3 part as a temporary fix, but this soon becomes a semi-permanent fix.  Personally, I've got my spare Type 34 part, however realized that hoarding two additional spares is ridiculous.  To move them out, all it took was the mention of their availability, so it appears that the demand for them is there.  This is one of those special Type 34 parts that takes a beating over its lifespan and might need replacement, even on seldom used vehicles.

At the beginning of the year, I exchanged emails with Lee Hedges concerning the reproduction of certain Type 34 parts that would benefit the community.  Strangely, this particular part never came up in our discussions.  It's not only a functional part of any car, but it's also a safety related part.  I'll admit that workarounds are available.  I've seen folks have broken levers somewhat successfully repaired (welded), I've seen hack-jobs involving a short length of wood and duct tape, and I've seen the aforementioned 'Type 3 solution' implemented.  The Type 3 part actually leaves more than an inch-wide gap between the top edge of the upper steering column and the lower edge of the steering wheel and is a bit unsightly, but it works--if you can reach far enough, because the lever is at least an inch further away from the steering wheel, which may put it just a bit out of reach for some.  The reason for this is because the actual steering column shaft itself is about one inch longer on the Type 34 than it is on the Type 3.  You could retrofit the steering column from a Type 3 onto a Type 34, but that would put the steering wheel about an inch further away.  Maybe not a big deal for some...but again, that's a bit of a reach for others.

With the number of new or reproduction parts needed for the Type 34, I guess I might put this part a fair ways done the list in priority for reproduction.  I just hope someone stumbles upon a big stash of NOS units someday, puts them up for sale at a reasonable price, thus satisfying the demand. 

Yeah...right--like that will ever happen.

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