Sunday, May 8, 2016

Koni Shocks

About a year ago Shock Warehouse spammed my email inbox with some schlock related to a special sale they were having.  And I bought it hook, line and sinker, too!  KONI !!!

So...yeah...I splurged and bought the Nautilus a round of Koni's.  Of course, the Beetle and Karmann Ghia are clearly listed in their online sales catalog, as is the Type 3 Fastback.  But as usual, not a hint or whiff of the Type 34 Karmann Ghia.  Fortunately, all of these cars get the exact same Koni Classic 'D' Shocks, with their catalog listing part number '80 1349' for the front, and '80 1350' for the rear.  Since the part numbers are the same for the Nautilus (Type 34) and Winston (Type 14), I could actually use these with a clear conscience on Winston, while also maintaining 'the Dutch vibe' already present on that car because Koni Shocks are made in Holland.  That's cool.  When his engine is complete, I might just do that.  Because KONI !!!

The Shock Warehouse transaction was smooth and fast.  I like this company.  Because there is always a downside in anything I write about in this blog, there was a rather small downside with this transaction that I must share, and which had absolutely nothing to do with Shock Warehouse.  It has to do with Koni and their product packaging.  These Koni Classic 'D' shocks ship with a 'vintage-like Koni Classic' sticker, inside a rather generically sized box that doesn't exactly mitigate the over 5 inches of empty space that allows the shock to slide freely about.  Evidence of product shifting was the red-orange Koni shock paint present in various places inside each box.  As a result, only 1 of these stickers emerged from the packaging unscathed.  And by unscathed, what I really mean is folded in half.  The others were either completely off their backing paper and stuck to the inside of the box, or somehow creatively stuck to the shock itself.  Removing the stickers essentially damaged them beyond re-usability.

Now...some might say "So what?"  But, I would say, "I PAID FOR THAT! And no amount of money can buy that kind of quality!"  My point was sort of reinforced when I went out and tried to source replacement stickers.  Some Porsche shops were actually charging $20.00 EACH for these.  All expletives aside, that's robbery and required that I continue to look around until I either found them for free from Koni, or found some reasonably priced alternative.  Said reasonable alternative--Paragon Parts--provided me with five of them for $13.95, shipped.  Maybe a bit of OCD on my part, but I now have something nice to apply to my shocks, above and beyond that which Mother Nature will eventually plaster to them.

Why Koni's?  5 adjustment settings for tuning.  Known product quality.  No known compatibility issues.  Super-cool orange-red paint and decals.  I'm all set.

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Aaron said...

Greg- can you email me the details of these shocks- I am after a set for my notchback. Any details would be great.

thanks mate!