Saturday, March 28, 2015

Instrumentation for the Nautilus, Part 4

Skipping to the bottom line for a moment--I am absolutely delighted with the work North Hollywood Speedometer did for the gauges for the Nautilus!  I've included a picture this time to better illustrate.

The technicians at North Hollywood were able to color match the bezel on the NOS '63 speedometer and apply it to all of my restored gauges so they match.  I found an extra 3-tab chrome instrument ring that I sent to NHS and they made it work for the multifunction gauge.  A NOS multifunction gauge Bakelite bulb and contact connector was then installed.  I previously had the gauge mounting hardware zinc re-plated and installed it to give everything the finishing touch.

One final gauge task recently completed was to take four Type 1 or 14 gauge to dash 'seals' (or are they buffers?) sourced from Karmann Ghia Parts and Restoration (KGPR), cut them down a bit to fit the smaller diameter of the Type 34 gauges, and glue the ends together using 3M Yellow weather trip adhesive.  Once dry, these 'seals' went into place and now everything is completely ready for installation.  The nice thing about the KGPR 'seals' is that they are flat, unlike some 'O' rings others are using.  The problem I've seen with using 'O' rings as seals is that the constituents from the rubber used sometimes bleeds into the dash paint.  Hopefully this doesn't happen with the KGPR rubber.

A hard road for the restoration of these parts, but in the long run I think it was effort well spent.  Also, I want to say that the support I received from North Hollywood Speedometer was outstanding.  In the end, I can definitely say that you can use them with confidence.