Sunday, July 13, 2014

Special Type 34 Parts, Part 1 - License Plate Brackets

I've decided to wake up this blog and do some posting, starting with the showcasing of some of the parts in my spare parts bin.  This time, I write briefly about the special Type 34 rear license plate bracket.  Lee Hedges sent out an email last week requesting one of these for his '68 Type 34.  I had previously set aside two of these brackets, PN 343 813 991, for future sale and snapped this picture of them to help with the advertising.  As much as this seems to be a fairly unique part for the Type 34, it actually went through some variations over the years.  Pictured to the right, the upper bracket was used during the early years, while the lower bracket seems to have been used during the later years.  I don't know when the changes were made, or which countries used each part type.  Both brackets use a pair of rubber packing pieces to help offset it from the rear valence panel by about 3/4".  I've only seen one picture of these packing pieces (pictured to the left and taken from der Samba), and never any NOS pieces.  The parts book lists the part number for these packing pieces as 343 813 995.  Two PN 'N 14 233 1' countersunk machine screws hold the plate to the craft via a pair of imprisoned nuts welded to the interior of the valence panel.

These license plate brackets are strange little details of authenticity and are definitely part of the Type 34's European roots and charm.  The top bracket is still for sale, so grabbing a little piece of this charm for yourself will set you back $27.50 USD, plus shipping.

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