Saturday, July 7, 2012

More bodywork

The Nautilus is now at the body shop. A different one. Motorworks Restorations failed to give me a call back, so was left to consider our business relationship terminated. Actually...I have to admit I was fully relieved and ready to move on to something new. This left me free to shop the car around a bit to find a reasonable alternative. After considering three shops, I decided to use the same place that did the work on my wife's car a few years ago. This shop is conveniently located just a couple of miles from our home and on my way to work. I also know the quality of work they are capable of is very high and long lasting. The first order of body work business was the quote for the re-work the right rear fender, just below the 'razor's edge'. The wheel well opening has a bit of a fat lip and the guys have identified what needs to be done to reshape it to take down some of the swelling.  It annoys that I am having to pay to have this section of the Nautilus reworked for the FOURTH time, but this new shop has been very fair with their pricing. A partial repaint will be required to prevent uneven color fade over time. They use Dupont family automotive paints, so there should be no material interaction issues.  So far, so good.
The second order of business is the front hood alignment. The previous shop told me not to worry about this alignment several times during the metalwork and paint prep operations. When the results were as poor as I warned them of, the promise was made that a 'shim' would be fashioned for the right hinge to help with alignment. All I can say is that the two pennies I put in the right hinge to better align the hood are still in there. In contrast, the new body shop tells me that they will rework the hood and take out the two dimples in the top surface from where the previous body shop placed it in contact with the two rubber nipples in their drying rack before the paint had fully cured. I hope this flaw will easily be addressed during the respray.

If you've been reading some of the older posts in this blog you will note that I ran across a Type 34 sliding steel roof body clip a few years ago. It's actually pictured in the first picture, above, leaning against some cardboard.  I've vacillated over the years on whether to install the roof clip and recently even made moves to sell it. Well, after having to assemble the roof to demonstrate functionality and take some pictures for the prospective buyer I decided to keep it.  As a third and optional order of business, I then gave my body shop an opportunity to bid the installation.  Their quote for this work was accepted yesterday.  Current estimated delivery date is Friday, August 31st.  I'm sure there will be a lot more to share about this in the weeks to come.

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