Sunday, January 1, 2012

Instrumentation for the Nautilus, Part 2 - a reproduction Type 34 tachometer

This morning I found some pictures I took of the reproduction Type 34 tachometer I acquired for the Nautilus last June while in Southern California for the Volkswagen Classic.  I've been told they are not exact replicas of the original units, but they really match up well in appearance with the other gauges and are very functional.  If I decide to switch the electrical system on my car from 6V to 12V, all I need to do is change out the gauge illumination bulb because these units switch between source voltages automatically.

I'm finally working on the engine for the Nautilus in earnest and I like the idea I'll have a tach to monitor the RPMs during break-in.  I finally sent the other gauges out to North Hollywood Speedometer for rebuild.  Since they had something to do with the production of the tachometer pictured here, there should be consistency across the dash once the instrumentation is installed.

This reproduction Type 34 tachometer is based on an original Type 34 clock, so it will fit perfectly with proper clearance in the original clock location.  Notice the detail--seriously, these units are really nice.  Because my car won't have a radio--at least initially--I plan to also have a clock restored and installed where the radio speaker grille is normally installed, over next to the glove box.

If you have a rebuildable core Type 34 clock housing, North Hollywood Speedometer can convert it to a tachometer.  Or, it may be possible to do as I did and contact Bob Walton to see if he has one of these for sale.  Bob can be contacted over at the 1500 Club web site.  Either way, this is a very useful accessory being offered at what is in my opinion a very reasonable price!

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