Sunday, August 23, 2009

More Italian Design

I've got to admit that I really like this car. Normally, I consider the Ferrari marque a bit pretentious, but maybe that's just the envy of this car guy's ability to buy and drive one showing through. These cars are hellishly expensive to own, and I consider insurance and maintenance costs prohibitive. And if I dropped the coin that this car costs, I'd be looking for a 4-cam Porsche 356 because that's where my head's at. Still, what we have here is a Pininfarina designed F355 Spider owned and enjoyed by my friends Terri and Kevin, making an uncommon visit to our home to deliver some wonderful cigars. Ah...the good life. While we Volkswagen enthusiasts make a whole lot out of the limited production of the Volkswagen Type 34 family cars, this Ferrari model of course has us beat by a longshot. And it's the most common Ferrari model produced--so far. What you've got is a five year production run of 11,273 units between '95 and '99, which included two limited production runs within that range. While this car isn't one of the last 100 built--one of the exclusive 'Serie Fioranno'--it's still a blast to ride in. One of these days, maybe they'll actually let me drive their F355--and I'll let them drive my freshly completed Type 34. I'm sure that'd be a real treat for them. LOL!!!