Sunday, May 24, 2009

Let the...Moon...shine in, Part 3.

With all the sliding steel roof parts chasing I've been doing here lately, I've pretty well decided on my next project...I mean--AFTER I get the Nautilus done. I'm committing myself to buying a Porsche 356 and am now working on lining up a suitable future candidate.

In the meantime, it turns out that my original suspicions about the sources for Type 345 and 346 sunroof mechanical parts matches up to the reality of situation. These parts are essentially late 356/early 912 & 911 parts, in some cases either mildly or heavily modified. With regards to sunroof cables, this has basically been confirmed by folks who've had an interest in the Type 3 Karmann Ghia for far longer than I have owned any kind of Volkwagen. The knowledge base is huge, and I once again want to thank them for the invaluable information they've provided over the years. Now armed with this information, I am moving confidently full steam ahead with the sliding steel roof option for the Nautilus.

The Type 34 sunroof cables are essentially the same as the late 356 sunroof cables, with one important deviation. The modification required to make them work is relatively simple--if you have access to the tools or services. Until I actually have a cable in my hands, I can't say for certain if the length needs to be adjusted, but the word is that they need to be shortened a bit and as part of this operation that the cable needs to be inserted and swaged back into place in the the reverse direction from original. The original Type 34 cable connector ends are labeled with Golde part numbers and an 'L' or 'R', indicating the obvious. Since we are only modifying the Left cable or Right cable (click links for visual info only, as these parts are NO LONGER AVAILABLE), the correctly labeled and modified part is still being used on the indicated side of the car, which is nice. When I get my replacement 356 cables this coming week, I'll be able to compare.

The next question I have is about rails. The rails look like regular Type 3 rails, only perhaps shorter. Again, these are likely 356 items, particularly the front opening rounded corner pieces, which have a Golde part number of their own. I should know more very soon.

Ultimately, it would be nice to have a complete parts interchange and repair resource for sliding steel roof pieces. I don't think the best place for that is on this blog. It would be better for that information to be published to the Type 34 Registry web site.