Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pictures from last Motorworks Restrorations visit

I've decided to post a few quick of the Nautilus from my last visit to the Motorworks Restorations shop. These pictures were taken with my car in their new location, which is now across the street from their old location, still in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

To the right, I'm starting to get used to the lines on this car--but it sits too high for my tastes. I think it will naturally lower itself as the new and reconditioned parts pile on.

Below, this is an inviting shot...but not too comfortable, yet. The shift knob and e-brake handle are temporary items to help shuttle the car around the shop.

My camera can't capture the color of this car. I'm tempted to bring my wife's camera with me next time.

Really turned out nice. I can't wait to put stuff back on it. Why haven't I? I want it clean and correct. There are still a few adjustments to make. Oh--and a sunroof clip to install!

Hard to believe I want to hack this roof off. It's perfect as is, really. There's still a chance I won't do the conversion, but if it's ever going to happen, now is really the time for it. Hashing it out thoroughly now saves me from later regret, I guess.

To the right is probably my favorite picture of the batch. The amount of effort to do things correctly in this area, and to have a shop willing to do it the way I want it, results in what you see, here. Not glamorous, but you know it when you see it. And even if I'm the only one to appreciate it...that's enough for me.

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