Saturday, February 14, 2009

D-Day - The Nautilus has landed!

The Motorworks Restorations shop truck and enclosed trailer showed up at our home this morning, as planned. Jeremy and his wife, Erin, delivered the Nautilus into a vacant stall within our garage. It's taken nearly two years, but just like that, the Nautilus is home.

Since Motorworks Restorations is operating at full capacity right now with limited floor space, the Nautilus was no longer an efficiently sized door stop. So I've got the car back for awhile to get some things done, both fore and aft. I'd like to get the wiring harness installed, rig up the lighting and bumpers, and install the the exterior brightwork. A steering wheel/column would also be nice, and I can also envision a proper 1500 S engine built and installed.

Having the car home makes it easy to set aside time each day to work on it. Unfortunately, it's cold out in the garage, so I'm going to have to work around that inconvenience particularly where the wiring is concerned. I'm hoping to get a few good days where the temperatures are at least in the 50's because the outer wiring sheath and wire insulation hardens in the cold, making it extremely difficult to work with.

There's still some zinc and black oxide plating to have done. There's another NOS fog light ring coming in from Germany, and I'd like to send another batch of parts out for chroming. The gauges still need to be redone. The interior also needs to be sewn up and it looks like the reproduction fabric will soon be available.

In the meantime, I've bought a cheap car cover and the Nautilus is now cocooned within. We've had some fairly severe winds in the Denver area this year and even in an enclosed garage the dust has built up on everything. Nothing the California Duster can't bust through, but I'd like to keep the dirt build-up in the inside of the car to a minimum.

We'll return the Nautilus to Motorworks Restorations in April for a good polishing and touch up-- and it might even get that sunroof installed. Because of all of this, I'm not sure the car will be ready for the coming show season. We'll just have to see.

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Annie said...

YEAH!! This is great news and the car looks wonderful.