Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Day of Thanks.

It's Thanksgiving. I got underfoot in the kitchen today, so the wife politely suggested that I might want to take her Ghia 'Winston' out for a drive, under the pretense of buying a 2 quart glass dish for the greenbean casserole. I'm useless when it comes to food preparation, but I can sure as heck drive a Ghia and spend money, so agreed. I pointed the car in a northerly direction and just started driving. We have no snow, so road conditions were excellent and the 40 degree ambient temperature was perfect for an engine still in the 'break-in' stage. I brought along an iPod boom box, but never turned it on, instead opting to just listen to the thrum of the engine and whir of the transmission. Many nods from fellow motorists and pedestrians I passed along the way. The sun never had a chance to shine here today, but that was fine by me. The total trip put 46 miles on the car, bringing the total mileage since the engine rebuild up to about 187 miles. Rather shameful, given that the engine was completed and installed nearly a year ago. If the weather continues to hold, we plan to start putting some miles on Winston to ensure the engine is healthy for a planned trip into the mountains sometime this Spring.

This Thanksgiving I found time behind the wheel to reflect on how good things are for my wife and I. I was also allowed time to dwell on past times that were not so good, when I was behind the wheel of another much loved Ghia, now long gone. Perhaps this connection serves as a reminder for me that these current times should not be taken so much for granted.

I am very thankful to be allowed the luxury of time to once again appreciate the simple act of driving a car I really love. I experienced the road. I had to push the car a bit to get it up to speed. And then I had to tend the wheel a bit more than usual to keep it going where I wanted. I once again bonded with a car that entered our lives five years ago, in a time before my interests took me elsewhere and the adventure with the Nautilus got underway in earnest. Winston is not about an obsessive and endless quest for automotive perfection, rather he's a car to enjoy, as is. And I am very thankful that my wife allowed me to take him out for a spin today.