Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's almost like brand new.

In case I've failed to mention it previously, my car is being restored by Motorworks Restorations in Colorado Springs, Colorado. My shop selection was somewhat random and based on geographical location, as I live about an hour or so north of their shop location. I got lucky and landed a great place for my car's restoration needs. The Nautilus couldn't be in better hands.

Though I've considered modern updates to the chassis and engine, mainly in the form of lowered front spindles from Bert3 and an IRS conversion for the rear subframe, in the end I've decided to keep the car as dead stock as funds, time and shop patience will allow. An example of the attention to detail is evident in the picture to the right, where Gary is using his hammer to replace the replated upholstery tacks used to keep the pan rubber in place during the body fitting process. Normally, Gary wields a spray gun, not a hammer, but either way this is detail work that this owner certainly appreciates. Thanks Gary!

Last year I owned an original, never messed with too much '66 Type 34 that my wife and I dearly loved. It was wonderful climbing into the passenger cabin, smelling that unmistakeable smell of old VW originality and seeing all the original detail still in place after the passage of 41 years of wear and tear. Still, once lifting the floor carpet and sound deadener, I was confronted with a harsh reality that the car had held a pool of water and/or battery acid at some point in its past. This caustic pool had introduced corrosion to the floor pan, and while well hidden and not too well developed, still represented an issue to contend with in the future. So when I saw this very recent picture of my '64, you can imagine my surprise and delight. It's a vision any Volkswagen owner can appreciate, I think. Maybe a little shop dust, but NO overspray! It's really starting to come together.