Friday, September 19, 2008

The reproduction Type 34 wiring harness kits have all been reserved.

I don't know why I'm surprised--but I am. I thought I'd be hanging onto these for the rest of my life...or beyond, bequeathing them to nieces or newphews, using them in the meantime in lieu of chain to drop anchor, or perhaps to decorate the walls of my shop...or WORSE--attempt to sell them on 'der Samba' as Notchback harnesses! The wrongness!!

Those of you who have invested in this run of harnesses may have a somewhat valuable item. While there may be another way to have a run of these done in the future, it's looking like the current supplier would want a minimum order of 20. Yes, 20. Uh...I'm not going to foot the bill for THAT project. I wonder how long it would take to move 20 of these? The unit cost may go down a tad, but who wants to wait?

With the final version of the wiring kits complete, I can now start focusing on other things. Like drinking Scotch. Football. And other stuff that bugs my wife. I could even devote time to...Hook Deflectors! What Type 34 aficionado can resist a well proportioned '343 823 491'? I can't, especially when dressed out in black. We'll see how it goes, but these should be a straighforward cast of a decent part I have on hand. Stay tuned.