Thursday, September 11, 2008

Type 34 Wiring Harness Kits have been delivered!

The Wiring Works reproduction Type 343 wiring harness kits have been delivered. There are 9 of them in this box and I will be going through each kit to ensure completeness. They will go on sale on September 18th.

Some of these kits have already been reserved, so if you plan to buy one, let me know right away. First come, first served. The cost is $465.00 USD, plus shipping. I'm accepting payment in the form of bank check, Postal money order or Paypal (you pay the fees). They work best for cars built between '62-'66, but can be made to work in the '67 and later cars with some modification.

So it's a nice box, but what do you actually get in a kit? Well, you get an authentic front harness, rear harness, overhead light harness, the two different styles of horn harnesses, support for the left and right sidemarkers and trunk light, and support for either the pushbutton switch or the conventional headlight and wiper switches. I arranged for the kits to be provisioned with a radio add-on and have added an extra fuse holder for it. It also comes with a bag full of other really useful hardware pieces that includes fuse holders, junction connectors, extra crimp on spade connectors, piggy-back spade connectors, and more. It's very comprehensive and you will end up with parts left over, as Wiring Works only wanted to make only one kit for the Type 34.

I spent some time with the kit in my own car and was really happy with the initial results. I actually ended up installing and removing the front and rear harnesses twice. It installs as the original did, following all the same paths. If you have damage to any wire route areas in your car, be advised that this kit is not for you, as the wires will probably end up being too short.

The prototype needed some changes, so I worked with Wiring Works to adjust things to make the kit even better. I originally wanted to include every single wire on the car, but the cost was way too prohibitive. We decided that the main larger elecrical components should still have their wiring intact. This assumption includes the upper steering column wiring, wiper motor wiring, pushbutton switch wiring, chassis ground straps and battery cables. It's a big assumption for some, because I know that on my own car I will have to rebuild the upper steering column and replace one or two wires on the pushbutton switch. Wiring Works is willing to supply this extra wiring at additional cost. I'm assuming that most folks won't need or want this wiring.

Once these are advertised they should go quickly, so act now. I don't know if Wiring Works will ever want to do these again in such small numbers.