Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Building it up on a solid foundation.

A nice original rust free Type 3 floorpan is a great thing. Sadly, mine wasn't so nice. Not the least bit seaworthy, what with ebb and flow of the tide crashing in around my feet.

After buying 7 pan halves, you'd have thought I would have ended up with at least two usable pan pieces. Not so. The basis for this restoration project actually ended up using the original main pan with original driver's side piece, however the passenger side pan half was taken from a much later car. Note the black strip running along the right in the picture, which was exposed after the later style reinforcement rail was permanently removed. Retaining an authentic 'one piece' Type 3 pan look is key, so spot welds have been patched and ground, the butt welded seams smoothed out, and pin holes exposed during sandblasting welded shut. There will be some more bodywork done and filler used to smooth things out, so the pan will be satin black epoxy coated, rather than powercoated.

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