Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My first two Type 343s.

This is what I termed 'the little mess in the side yard', before our big move to Colorado a few years ago. Though not visible in photo, there was also a bare squareback pan leaning against the fence to the extreme right. This was used to restore the Type 34 pan on the left. There was another rolling automatic transmission Squareback pan (with seats) to the left of that, barely visible over the Type 343 in the foreground. A few small odds and ends were scavenged from that pan before it was donated for use with other projects.

The white with black roof '64 Type 343 in the background was sold to an acquaintance for $1.oo. Quite the deal--literally pocket change--considering the dash pads alone were cosmetically perfect. I needed to get rid of the car, and fast. I heard that the car ended up up in Portland, Oregon and I later saw it for sale on the Samba.

The car in the foreground made the trip to Colorado with us and I had it cut it up for body panels about a year ago. A lot of it made its way onto my latest project.

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